5 8/14/2017

Rick was very kind and helpful upon my arrival at the store. The service was quick and well done. this was my first visit and I do plan on returning!

5 8/11/2017

good job,see you soon for tires

4 8/11/2017

Called the shop about an oil change on my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.7 Hemi which takes 8 quarts of oil. They said they were open and could get me in today if I wanted to stop by. I go there around 3:30pm I was greeted, asked to fill out some new customer information and was told they could do it right away. There were no delays, and they even showed me some items that would need attention in the near future, I was not pressured to have the repairs done now or at anytime in the future the decision was left entirely up to me. I also asked about having an throttle positioning sensor, and a idle speed motor replaced. The gentleman behind the desk did not give out a heavy sigh, but in fact started to look it up right away and provided me with the cost of the repairs. Again no pressure was applied to get the repairs done there now or at anytime in the future. I found the information they provided me on my vehicle was helpful in giving me a glimpse into the future of what may soon need attention on my vehicle. As I was leaving I was thanked by both persons at the desk for bringing my vehicle in today. I will return to have them service my vehicle in the future.

4 8/10/2017

Honest - 1 did a very good job at getting my BMW 330CI fixed and back on the road in a timely manner. They did a good job at communicating with me during the entire repair process. I will continue to use them for all of my automotive repair needs. They are less expensive then what the dealer charges.

4 8/10/2017

Great Job

5 8/9/2017

Polite and fast oil change with nothing tacked on or extra charges

4 8/6/2017

I go here because these folks have always been pretty straight with me. They've let me adjust their recommendations and often look a little past what I asked for what else might be wrong. The only downside, I believe they're on the expensive side. It's hard to get side by side comparisons but in general my impression is they're a bit pricy.

5 8/6/2017

Great customer service. Was very happy with the tie around time and getting my vehicle back same day.

5 8/5/2017

Mike was awesome

5 8/4/2017

Excellent work and I was very pleased. Thank you very much